Costa Rica Photo Tours offers the chance to capture exquisite wildlife photos in CR. Come with us as we help you locate and capture the beautiful animals of Costa Rica!

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Shooting along side two professional photographers; Chris Smith & Bill Nixon, we have put together a spectacular photo tour of Costa Rica. Using the form to the right, simply sign up to get instant access to the full itinerary.


6-Day, 5 Night All Inclusive tour $2,700 for single / $4,500 for couples traveling together.


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Meet The Photographers



Professional Photographer

Chris has been a professional photographer since the dark(room) ages. Growing up as a missionary kid in Africa, Chris’ love for travel and new adventures has never left him. If you could peel off the outer layer of 40+ year old man, you’ll find a kid-at-heart attitude that is infectious with everyone he meets.

Chris’ resume boasts a long list of awards and photography achievements, but don’t look for him to go bragging about all he knows. You’ll find Chris’ teaching style and interactions come from the pure passion of his love of photography.

Chris shoots with Nikon professional gear but can help with nearly any brand.



Professional Photographer

Bill has been a pro for over 10 years now shooting mostly weddings in South Carolina, Colorado and California. After his latest stint in snowy Colorado, Bill moved his family to Costa Rica for a warm adventure. Bill’s natural abilities to connect with people have afforded him great opportunities that only locals would know about.

Costa Rica offers a vast richness of wildlife and exploring which finally convinced him and his family to take the leap and move.  What a wild and exciting ride it’s been so far as Bill has started adapting to the new language, culture and landscape.

Bill offers a casual teaching style helping people be the best photographer they can be.

Bill shoots with Sony & Nikon Cameras, but also teaches courses using Canon gear.